Streatham stranger attack: Man repeatedly stabbed mother

Streatham stranger attack: Man repeatedly stabbed mother


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Neighbours found Josephine Conlon injured outside these flats in Streatham

A violent offender repeatedly stabbed a mother pushing a baby in a pram in a “horrific” knife attack days after his release from prison, a court has heard.

Mark Brazant, 44, stabbed Josephine Conlon in the face and neck in a “stranger attack” in Streatham, south London, on 30 December.

He had been released from prison on Christmas Eve, the Old Bailey heard.

Mr Brazant, who has paranoid schizophrenia, accepts he attacked Mrs Conlon but denies attempted murder.

The court heard that Mrs Conlon told police that the buggy containing her daughter rolled into a parked car as she was pushed to the ground from behind.

She told officers: “He was all over me. He was kneeling over me, so he had the dominant position. I was on the floor being stabbed.”

She recalled screaming and asking him what he wanted, as she ducked and rolled in an attempt to get away.

‘Kitchen knife’

Prosecutor Louise Oakley said: “They had never met each other before and were complete strangers.

“But, having followed her a short distance and having deliberately armed himself with a kitchen knife, he used it to inflict multiple stab wounds to her face and neck.”

Mr Brazant, of Windmill Road, Ealing, west London, had disappeared following his release from Thameside jail, the jury heard.

He had served a prison sentence for three offences of battery and one of common assault.

On 2 January Mr Brazant handed himself into police – while carrying a knife – telling officers he had “stabbed a person on the street two days earlier”, the Old Bailey was told.

Jurors heard the defendant accepted he had stabbed Mrs Conlon, but denied he had intended to kill her or cause her serious harm.

Ms Oakley said it was the Crown’s case that having paranoid schizophrenia did not provide Mr Brazant with a defence to the “horrific crime”.

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